Development Of Brass Valve Industry: Trend Analysis, Intelligent Manufacturing

A new round of industrial revolution is emerging around the world. In terms of production methods, manufacturing presents the characteristics of digitization, networking, and intelligence. Facing the new trend of intelligent manufacturing led by information network technology innovation, vigorously promoting the deep integration of automation and intelligence has become an inevitable choice for brass valve manufacturing enterprises to upgrade.

1. The development status of brass valve industry

As an indispensable industrial equipment in the national economy, brass valves are indispensable mechanical equipment in all walks of life. In industrial enterprises, brass valves have a huge potential role in production. How is the quality of brass valves to some extent? It will have an important impact on personal and production safety, product quality, and production efficiency. In particular, the construction industry, water supply and heating, which are closely related to people's lives, have certain stakes. Therefore, brass valve products such as gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, globe valve, etc. have received more and more attention from the society. Brass valve products are not only indispensable and necessary equipment for the development of modern industry, but at the same time their product quality plays a positive role in the production of enterprises.
Brass valves are the most widely used products in various industries. Due to the increasing demand and large market development space, brass valve manufacturers continue to emerge. While the market is active, the competition is also intensifying. With the change of marketing methods, the international market has gradually entered China, which makes Chinese brass valve enterprises face major challenges. China's brass valves started late, and the technical level is relatively backward. Some high-tech brass valves can only Relying on imports, it is difficult to break through the threshold, which is also the main reason why my country's brass valves have been expanding in quantity. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development capabilities of technology. Only high-tech brass valve products can break through the siege and be stable in China's yellow market. Copper valve market and even the international market.
Faced with the "Made in China 2025" proposed by the country, brass valve people must think carefully about how to reduce the gap with foreign high-precision brass valves, so as to improve some problems in our development and overcome the problems of disharmony in development , find the meeting point of development, and jointly promote the revitalization and improvement of the brass valve industry.
Image: N10111312-0 Brass Angle Ball Valve 

2. The "short board" of the brass valve industry is highlighted

 2.1 Unreasonable industrial structure and serious overcapacity
After the rapid development of the brass valve industry in the past few years, the industrial production capacity has been over-expanded, and the market environment has deteriorated. Although the total demand has increased year by year, it is far from keeping up with the growth of supply capacity, such as ball valves, gate valves, globe valves and other products. Homogeneous competition increasingly intense. Contradictions such as low quality of products that have long restricted the development of the industry, the control of key core technologies by people, backward industrial management, lack of well-known brands, and extensive development methods have made the transformation and upgrading of the industry urgent.
2.2 Weak independent innovation ability and low product quality
According to fluid mechanics, Japanese companies installed a throttle valve in the faucet to control the flow of water and prevent water from splashing on the clothes; but it is difficult for domestic companies to do so, and this is also the reason why foreign faucets can be sold for more than 10,000 yuan. The reason why it can only sell a few hundred yuan or even tens of yuan in China. Brass valve enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, shift from focusing on quantity and scale expansion to focusing more on the pursuit of quality and efficiency, and promote the healthy development of China's brass valve industry. For other small and medium-sized brass valve enterprises limited by technical barriers, they can consider emerging subdivisions with large demand for brass valves such as floor heating sub-catchment, enhance engineering supporting capabilities, and increase the added value of brass valve products.
2.3 Lack of world-renowned brands and multinational corporations
At present, most products in the brass valve industry are of low grade and large variety of repeatability. Many companies often produce all kinds of brass valves. There are many varieties and specifications. They can produce what the market needs, and put into production what they want. Some enterprises lack innovation, not to mention products with independent intellectual property rights, and some are still copying, copying, and imitating other people's products. Enterprises do not have their own brand products, like a road to black, not to mention the development and growth, can not cope with the fierce market competition.
2.4 Industry standardization is not perfect
The proportion of international standards formulated by my country is less than 0.5%, and the "standard age" is more than double that of developed countries such as Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With the continuous development of brass valve technology and the continuous expansion of brass valve application fields, the corresponding brass valve standards are becoming more and more indispensable. The products of the brass valve industry have entered a period of innovation. Not only the product category needs to be updated, but also the internal management of the enterprise needs to be further reformed according to the industry standards.

3. Major trends in the future development of the brass valve industry

 Focusing on the manufacture of high-end brass valves such as key brass valves for large ultra (super) critical thermal power units, key brass valves for millions of nuclear power plants, and key brass valves for large petrochemicals, Tan Jianrong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that in the future, Huang The copper valve industry will present six major development trends:
3.1 From mass production to individual customization. In the future, brass valves will be customized for extreme chemical conditions such as deep and low temperature, ultra-high temperature, high pressure, and zero leakage.
3.2 From low-end processing to high-quality manufacturing. Flexibility, agility, intelligence and informatization have become the development trend of brass valve manufacturing process. The industry has gradually begun to apply some advanced, precise and highly automated brass valve processing equipment, such as CNC copy milling machines and other precision and efficient equipment, especially the research and development of the special processing technology of the brass valve forming surface, making the brass valve processing The precision and surface roughness are greatly improved.
3.3 Development from single satisfaction type to multi-working condition adaptation. With the optimization and development of materials, machining accuracy, and design methods, the brass valves required in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, power stations, long-distance pipelines, aviation and marine oil production are developing in the direction of multi-size, high-precision, high-strength and high-reliability. Development requires more and more complex components, more flexible forms of brass valves, and needs to adapt to the needs of multiple working conditions such as high and low temperature, high and low pressure.
3.4 From empirical design to digital design. In order to realize the transformation from primary product processing to high-precision product manufacturing, brass valve enterprises need to change the development mode of "design-trial-production-experiment-modification", and maximize the use of advanced digital design methods to improve quality and innovation. ,cut costs.
3.5 From traditional brass valves to intelligent brass valves. With the rapid development of sensor and electronic control technology, brass valve products have also developed from single mechanical control to products using intelligent servo amplifiers, digital operators and other control methods.
3.6 From information-based silos to big data IoT. The era of big data brings convenient resource acquisition and efficient design efficiency. Brass valve enterprises can create user needs through the innovation of the Internet of Things and big data analysis technology, the integration of internal and external data, and remote service diagnosis. Interact with users anywhere, quickly produce and iterate on your own products.
N10131004 Forged Brass Gate Valve

4. The Industrial Internet is the key foundation

The Industrial Internet is a "device-pipe-cloud" architecture composed of "intelligent machines" + "networks" + "industrial cloud platforms", which can realize comprehensive connection and interaction between machines and machines, machines and people, and people and people. This interconnection is not a simple transfer of data information flow, but integrates technologies such as intelligent hardware, big data, machine learning and knowledge discovery, so that the intelligent control of a single machine and some key links extends to the whole process of brass valve production, which promotes The realization of machine self-organization, self-decision, and self-adaptive production without manual intervention has laid an interconnected foundation for the realization of intelligent manufacturing.
The Industrial Internet makes production definable. Traditional brass valve production relies heavily on fixed molds and fixed production lines. Raw materials, machines, equipment groups and other production facilities are configured according to the exact production requirements. It is easy to cause great waste during idle production periods, and it is impossible to adjust flexibly during the production process. distribute. Under the conditions of the Industrial Internet, the intelligent control of machines and open-source hardware is completed by software, and the intelligent control chain is extended to all aspects of production through interconnection, promoting the transformation of the production process to an intelligent direction that can be defined, managed and executed through software. For example, the software can calculate production requirements and flexibly adjust raw material inventory; it can upgrade machine functions to increase its production capacity and scope of application; it can realize intelligent deployment of equipment, configure its production tasks and workloads on demand, and finally achieve intelligent production.
The Industrial Internet makes production dynamics adjustable. The production process coordination of traditional brass valve enterprises can only achieve small-scale coordination between various departments within the enterprise and between different workshops. The Industrial Internet breaks through the boundaries of time and space, integrates systems such as supply chain, customer relationship, manufacturing execution, and enterprise resources, builds an information sharing platform for enterprises and partners in the entire supply chain, and expands production process collaboration to the entire supply chain and even It is a cross-supply chain that realizes the network configuration of advantageous resources and advantageous enterprises in the whole production process, and realizes the real socialized large-scale collaborative production.

5. The intelligent manufacturing of high-end brass valves 

 With the intensive introduction of policies in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the transformation of my country's brass valve industry to intelligent manufacturing is the general trend, and more and more enterprises are actively embracing intelligent manufacturing.
Intelligent manufacturing can effectively shorten the development cycle of brass valves, improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce operating costs and resource and energy consumption. This consensus has been basically formed in the whole society. The development of intelligent manufacturing will undoubtedly solve the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development of my country's brass valve industry, and play a historic and revolutionary role in promoting it.
Since its establishment, NAFCO has actively integrated into the strategic deployment of "Made in China 2025", attaches great importance to technological innovation, strives to improve the level of informatization and intelligence, seizes opportunities in the new round of scientific and technological changes, wins the initiative, and achieves upgrading and development. Taking the lead in successfully developing 4,000-meter deep-sea brass valves and -196°C ultra-low temperature brass valve products in the country, the project technology has reached the international advanced level, filling the gap of domestic high-end brass valve products; In the intelligent manufacturing workshop of brass valves, nearly 10 employees can complete the processing tasks of about 1,500 units in only 8 hours, realizing rapid production efficiency, not only the labor cost is significantly reduced, but the product yield can also reach almost 100%. It opened the production mode of Industry 4.0 and became the banner and benchmark for the development of intelligent manufacturing in the same industry. The brass valve products developed by the company are suitable for industries such as oil and gas, chemical industry, electric power, smelting and water affairs, and have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
In the new round of scientific and technological industrial revolution and industrial transformation, the brass valve industry is an important entry point for deep integration and utilization of intelligent manufacturing. Today, all countries are actively seizing the commanding heights of the new round of development. The integration of the Internet and traditional industries is what we need to seize. Seizing the opportunity and commanding heights, brass valve enterprises must seize this historical opportunity to realize the transformation of my country's brass valve manufacturing industry from a large production country to a strong production country.

N10141003 Brass Corner Radiator Valves

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