How To Install The Electric Water Heater Safety Valve

The electric water heater safety valve is an accessory of the electric water heater, which is usually given as a gift when purchasing, but we must also check carefully to see if the appearance is smooth, whether there are burrs, cracks, etc., and the surface coating must not fall off. The valve and the liner cooperate well. Today we share how to install the electric water heater safety valve and the installation steps of the water heater safety valve.
Image 1: The installation instruction of electric water heater safety valve

1. Installation steps of electric water heater safety valve - STEP 1

There is an arrow on the water heater safety valve, which is the direction of adding water to the water heater, and it is a one-way valve. Remember not to install in reverse. The upper end is connected to the water tank, and the lower end is connected to the mixing valve, both of which are positive buckles. The pressure relief outlet cannot be blocked. When the water temperature is high and the pressure is large, it must be used to relieve the pressure to ensure safety. When the water pressure is too high, the safety valve of the water heater will automatically open to reduce the water pressure in the water tank and keep the water heater in a safe state.
Image 2 : the direction of electric water heater safety valve

2. Installation steps of electric water heater safety valve - STEP 2

the water heater safety valve is suitable for electric water heaters, and has the functions of a check valve and a pressure relief valve, which can prevent the backflow of water entering the electric water heater and prevent the electric water heater from expelling excess water when the pressure of the inner tank of the electric water heater is high. pressure, in order to ensure the life of the inner tank and avoid the occurrence of bursting accidents.

3. Installation steps of electric water heater safety valve - STEP 3

when the pressure of the container exceeds the design requirements, the safety valve will automatically open, and the exhaust gas will reduce the excessive pressure in the device to prevent damage to the container or pipeline. And when the pressure in the container drops to the normal operating pressure, it automatically shuts down to avoid all the gas being discharged due to the overpressure of the container, thus causing waste and production interruption. The safety valve is mainly composed of three parts: valve seat, valve disc (valve core) and loading mechanism.

4. Installation steps of electric water heater safety valve - STEP 4

safety valve is a safety device to prevent bursting of pressure equipment and containers or easy to cause pressure rise or the pressure inside the container exceeds the limit. Safety valve is a safety device widely used in pressure systems such as pressure vessels, boilers, and pressure pipelines to ensure the safe operation of pressure systems. The safety valve used in the water heater is a miniature safety valve.

Image 3: the intallation of electric water heater safety valve

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5. Conclusion

Here is the end of how to install the electric water heater safety valve, from which you will learn the instrucios and steps to install the electric water heater safety valve.

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