How to Select Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers

Brass ball valve importers alway feel difficult to find brass ball valve manufacturers for their business. Today we will discuss and share information regarding this topic, let's go ahead now.

Table of Contents

1.       What is brass ball valve manufacturer

2.       Where is brass ball valve manufacturer located

3.       Top 10 brass ball valve manufacturers

4.       The advantages of brass ball valve manufacturers China

5.       How to find brass ball valve manufacturers

6.       How to evaluate brass ball valve manufacturers

7.       Conclusion

Part 1 What is brass ball valve manufacturer

The brass ball valve manufacturer is producer or factory who manufactures the bras ball valves. They design, produce, test and distribute brass ball valves to wholesalers or end users.

Brass ball valve is a fluid control device used to switch on and off the medium in the pipeline. Brass ball valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve ball, handle and sealing parts. By rotating the handle, the valve ball is driven to rotate 90 degrees to realize the fluid control function.

Part 2 Where is brass ball valve manufacturer located

There are three main production bases of brass ball valves in the world:

1.       Italy, Taiwan and the United States for high-class brass ball valves

2.       China for middle- and high-class brass ball valves

3.       Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India for low-class brass ball valves


Specifically to China, brass ball valve manufacturers are mainly located in Zhejiang Ningbo and Zhejiang Yuhuan, there are also some manufacturers in Xiamen, Fujian.


Zhejiang is the largest production and export base of medium and low pressure brass ball valves in China, as well as one of the world's three largest brass ball valve manufacturing bases (Italy Brescia, China Taiwan, Zhejiang China) . Zhejiang market share of brass ball valves accounts for 60% of the whole of China and have more than 3000 brass ball valve manufacturers.


Brass ball valve manufacturers in China have a 30-year history of development. Ningbo is China's plumbing valve and sanitary ware production and export base. It has nearly 1,000 enterprises and more than 250 enterprises with self-operated export rights. The annual output value exceeds 5 billion US dollars. The output accounts for 30% of the world's total.

Part 3 Top 10 brass ball valve manufacturers

1. Watts

Joseph Watts founded our company in 1874 on the belief that water boilers in textile mills shouldn’t explode, involved to world first class brass ball valve manufacturer today. What started with a pressure relief valve in a tiny New England machine shop, has paved the way for today’s high-quality, worldwide water solution technologies. From melting ice on entire city blocks from the ground up to filtering safe drinking water in isolated, weather disaster zones, you need water and water needs Watts.

2. Tecofi

Founded in 1985 in the Rhône-Alpes region, we design, manufacture and distribute brass ball valves in France and throughout the world. As a member of the French Fab, we are a key player in the field of water and industry. 

3. KSB

As most professional brass ball valve manufacturer in the world, each year KSB manufactures almost a million valves. The range of valves on offer caters to numerous applications and is a perfect addition to KSB's comprehensive pump range. As well as manufacturing at its European locations, pump and valve producer KSB also operates plants in Asia and the Americas. This production network ensures that local customer support is always on hand when required. All products comply with the latest safety regulations and operate with excellent energy efficiency. 

4. Arco

ARCO is a leading Spanish industrial company engaged in the design and manufacture of regulation and control systems for the professional of water, gas and heating installation.

They create solutions that improve brass ball valve manufacturer performance and help professionals with their work, giving them confidence and ensuring proper product functioning in the most difficult conditions.

5. Itap

ITAP Spa, founded in Lumezzane (Brescia) in 1972, is currently one of the leading manufacturer in Italy of valves, fittings and distribution manifolds for plumbing and heating systems. ITAP Spa is proud to offer brass ball valve bearing the approval of numerous international certifying bodies. 

6. Pegler

The Pegler brand has been a major force in valves for over 100 years and is continuing development in today's markets by offering brass ball valves with heat free end connections.  Pegler is a comprehensive brass ball valve manufacturer, providing compact, easy to operate, quarter turn ball valves with long trouble free service. 

7. Kitz

KITZ is one of the few top brass ball valve manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1951, it has nearly half a century of brass ball valve manufacturing history. With rich experience and strong technical force, KITZ provides customers with a variety of brass ball valves for construction equipment, industrial water, air, oil and other fluid pipeline equipment


Ningbo Alpha Fluid Control Co., Ltd. (NAFCO) has been specializing in brass ball valve manufacture and export since its establishment. NAFCO is located in Ningbo Zhejiang, China - one of the plumbing valve production bases of China, we have a comprehensive industry chain of brass materials and spare parts, as well as abundant technical and industrial resources, accomplished with mature producing processes, meticulous quality control and diverse product lines.


9. Zoloto

Founded in the year 1966 India, Zoloto has turned into a world class brass ball valve manufacturer, with manufacturing state of the art quality brass ball valves and having a well-established ultra-modern research & development facility.


10. Duyar

Continuing its investments in line with its goal of becoming a world brand in brass ball valve field of business, Duyar Vana put its fully automatic molding and casting a line into service in its new facilities, with aim to be one of  top brass ball valve manufacturers in the world. 

Further reading >>> Top 10 Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers in World 2022

Part 4 The advantages of brass ball valve manufacturers China

1.Good processing technology and professional supporting foundation
First, it has a group of processing technical talents; second, the forging technology level is leading domestically, and the product technology productivity is high. Zhejiang is the largest production and supply base for forging blanks in China; the third is a scientific industrial supporting system. Brass ball valve manufacturers in China have formed a complete professional link in mold development, casting, forging, electroplating, sandblasting, assembly, packaging and other links. The chemical division of labor supports the industrial chain of cooperation, and forms a one-stop situation of production, supply and sales of brass ball valves, strengthens the effect of scale agglomeration, and reduces enterprise management and production costs.

2.Strong market competitiveness
Chinese brass ball valve manufacturers have complete valve varieties, high quality and competitive price, expand market share with good cost performance, and form brand advantages, especially the quality of brass ball valves is better than that of Southeast Asian products, close to Italy Technical level and quality, with the advantages of stable quality and low price, are welcomed by European and American dealers.

3.Mainly focus on European and American markets
Brass ball valve products in China, once known for their five characteristics of "multiple, complete, good, large and hot", are exported to more than 130 countries and regions in the world. In terms of export market share, Europe accounts for nearly 60% of exports, and has replaced the Middle East as the most important export market. Compared with the domestic market, the export market has a relatively fast capital turnover and has a relatively development advantage.

5.Various brass ball valve manufacturers forms an industrial belt
They continuously invest in certification and automation equipment, and has attracted foreign-funded enterprises to settle in Zhejiang. Among the 3000 brass ball valve manufacturers in the industry, nearly 2000 companies have export right by themselves, and have established more than 200 marketing branches in 70 countries. In order to break through foreign technical barriers, many companies have purchased corresponding testing equipment.

Part 5 How to find brass ball valve manufacturers

1.  Industry Exhibition

      Participate in product exhibitions related to the brass ball valve industry, for example, ISH, MCE, Canton Fair, to collect information on suitable brass ball valve manufacturers in person, negotiate face-to-face, and fully understand supplier information.   Further reading >>> Top 10 Exhibitions For Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers

2. Search Engines

Filter according to the region, search through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, and then choose the appropriate brass ball valve manufacturer according to the geographical location, company size and whether the main products are the materials needed by the company, and finally contact by phone or email to communicate, and also Suppliers can be requested to provide detailed product information or samples.

3. Valve Association

Each industry has a large number of industry professional websites, and there is a lot of procurement information available. You can search related and brass ball valve websites according to the industry you are engaged in, which will provide a lot of professional help for procurement. Most of the brass ball valve manufacturers on the Internet have international thinking, so they are usually given priority.

4. Friend recommendation

Another reliable way is to consult your friend in the brass ball valve industry to recommend you brass ball valve manufacturers. They usually have known or cooperated with these manufacturers.

Part 6 How to evaluate brass ball valve manufacturers

6.1 Brass Ball Valve Price

The price here refers to the price level of brass ball valve. To assess the price level of brass ball valve manufacturers, it can be compared with the average price and the lowest price of brass ball valves of the same grade in the market, which are represented by the market average price ratio and the market lowest price ratio respectively.​​


6.2 Brass Ball Valve Quality

Quality is the most important factor in brass ball valve manufacturer evaluation. In the beginning, the inspection of product quality is mainly strengthened. The quality of quality can be described by the quality pass rate, average pass rate, approval rate and incoming inspection exemption rate.


6.3 Delivery Time

Delivery time is also a very important assessment indicator for brass ball valve manufacturers. The inspection of the delivery period is mainly to inspect the on-time delivery rate and delivery cycle of the supplier. 


6.4 Service Attitude

An excellent brass ball valve manufacturer has good service attitude. Whether the response to orders, delivery, quality complaints, etc. is timely and rapid, whether the response is complete, and whether the return, selection, etc. are handled in a timely cooperative manner.


6.5 After-sales service

Whether to take the initiative to consult the company's opinions, take the initiative to visit the company, take the initiative to solve or prevent problems.


6.5 Credit

The credit rating mainly assesses the extent to which brass ball valve manufacturers fulfill their commitments, treat partners with sincerity.

Part 7 Conclusion

In this article, we have learnt what is brass ball valve manufacturer and their location, top 10 brass ball valve manufacturers, advantages of brass ball valve manufacturers China, the ways to find and to evaluate brass ball valve manufacturers. Hope it will be helpful with your selection of suitable brass ball valve manufacturers and suppliers.

Welcome to contact us in case that you need more details or production inquiry.

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