Brass Angle Valves

Round Brass Angle Valve

Luxurious design, cartridge inside, 3-year quality warranty
Round Brass Angle Valve
Round Brass Angle Valve
Round Brass Angle Valve



Round brass angle valve N10121001 is top design for sanitary applications, the angle valve body is hot forged with fine brass material, polished and chrome-plated valve body, luxurious in appearance. Big bore size allows bigger and quicker flow, suitable for high-class decoration. 

• Sizes: 3/8" to 1/2" (DN10 to DN15)
• Working pressure: PN16  / 200WOG
• Working temperature: -10 to 110℃
• Standard bore design
• Polished and chrome-plated valve body
• BSP or NPT Threads available
• Customized production acceptable
• Materials: CW617N, HPb57-3, C37700, DZR

• 100% leakage test for each valve
• Cartridge design
• Suitable for a full range of liquids
• Comply with EN13828 brass ball valve standard
Parts Material
Body Brass
Ball N/A
Stem Brass
Seats Rubber
Gaskets Steel
Handle Brass
Handle Cover N/A

What is round brass angle valve

Round brass angle valve is a kind of stop valve,  similar to brass ball valve, the difference is that the outlet of the angle valve is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the inlet. The open and close of brass angle valve is controlled by cartridge or stem inside, operated by the handle. 
Applications of round brass angle valves                                                                          
Round brass angle valve is most suitable to be used in bathroom and kitchen,  can also used for water heater and basins.
Home decoration angle valves are mainly used to install household water pipes to facilitate connection with the pipes under the basin, toilet, pedestal, and faucet, and to control the amount of hot and cold water entering the pipe. For most angle valves, the permanent red and blue colors represent cold water and hot water.

How to select round brass angle valves

Depending on pipeline pressure needs, the round brass angle valves are designed with valve wall thickness and port sizes. The round angle valve used for sanitary and household applications are PN16 rated. Some projects require PN20 or high pressure, which will need OEM production.  Selecting from the bore sizes of round angle valve, there are three options: full bore brass angle valves, standard bore angle valves, the bigger bore sizes, the bigger flow rate.
How to install round brass angle valves                                                            
1. Clear the pipe ends, making sure all the dirty are removed.
2. Put the decorative plate the round angle valve,
3. Wrap the angle valve thread with PTFE tape,
4. Connect and tighten the round angle valve to the pipe end,
5. Slightly adjust the angle of the outlet.
Chemical compositions for round brass angle valves                                            
The round brass angle valve are most produced with brass HPb57-3, HPb58-3, HPb59-1, HPb59-3 in China. HPb57-3 round brass angle valves, which are acceptable for most countries in the world, except for those customers have special requirements.
HPb57-3, also called China Normal brass, a variant of CW614N brass, is a local industry standard, with little Fe contents in composition, and lower costs than CW614N.. 
HPb58-3, is similar to CW617N brass and commonly used for round brass angle valves in China local market. HPb59-1, has less Fe, Pb and higher price costs, it’s more used for high-quality products or market.
Surface treatments of round brass angle valves                                                            
The surface treatment of round brass angle valve is polished and chrome-plated, sooth surface and shinning appearance.
There are also sand-blasted and chrome-plating for applications that don't require much appearance.
How we produce round brass angle valves                                                                       
The round brass angle valves production generally have 8 steps: design of round angle valves, brass material and forging, machining, surface treatment, packing and assembly.
How we pack round brass angle valves                                                                     
The round brass angle valves are packed in plastic bag for each piece, so as to protect the surface from damage during transportation.
How we test round brass angle valves                                                                            
The round angle valves are professionally tested in our lab, we have full line of testing equipment for material, flow rate, torque test, salty spray test and etc..
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The shipment of brass angle valves reached our warehouse and they are very satisfactory, we are very happy with the quality. We will release another order soon.
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