Brass Water Ball Valve

CW617N Brass Ball Valve

Full Flow Design, Heavy Duty Construction
CW617N Brass Ball Valve
CW617N Brass Ball Valve



CW617N Brass Ball Valve N10111104 is made of eco-friendly brass material and suitable for drinking water system, CW617N brass material contains more copper and less lead, with better performance and healthier function. The brass ball valve is full bore design and have greater flow rating.

• Sizes: 1/4" to 2" (DN8 to DN50)
• Working pressure: PN40  / 600WOG
• Working temperature: -10 to 120℃
• Full bore design
• Sandblasted and nickel-plated valve body
• Chromed steel handle with PVC sleeve
• BSP or NPT Threads available
• Customized production acceptable

• 100% leakage test for each valve
• Anti-blow-out stem design
• Suitable for a full range of liquids and gas 
• Fast 1/4 turn opening and closing operation
• Comply with EN13828 brass ball valve standard
• Flow can go either direction
Parts Material
Body Brass
Ball Chrome-plated brass
Stem Brass
Seats PTFE
Gaskets PTFE
Handle Plated Steel
Handle Cover PVC

Characteristics of CW617N brass ball valves

CW617N brass is mainly composed of 59% copper, 39% zinc and 2% lead. Lead is finely dispersed throughout the micro structure. It is characterized by good machinability, good mechanical properties, can withstand cold and hot pressure processing, easy to weld, good brazing, and good stability to general corrosion. It is mainly used for brass valves, hardware accessories, etc.

It is mainly supplied as a bar for forging blanks, although it is also freely processed and used for various hot forging and pressing parts, including sanitary appliances, door furniture, window fittings, faucets and valve parts, auto parts, decorations, brackets, Fixtures, housings, gears, cams, nuts, clock and watch parts and other parts that require high precision machining.

More importantly, CW617N brass composes less lead and healthier for drinking water.

Lead poisoning is a poisoning phenomenon caused by lead. Lead is a widespread industrial pollutant that can affect the functions of the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, reproductive system, and immune system, and cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, and brain. The main method to prevent lead poisoning is to cut off pollution sources, stay away from polluted areas and improve dietary structure.

CW617N brass valves, such as CW617N brass ball valves, CW617N brass angle valves and CW617N brass gate valves, contain less lead, are especially suitable for drinking water system.

What is CW617N brass ball valves

CW617N brass ball valve is a kind of brass ball valves that made of CW617N brass material, the function is same as normal brass ball valves, while with less lead (Pb) share. Low lead composition can reduce possibility and risk of lead poisoning.
Applications of CW617N brass ball valves                                                              
CW617N brass ball valves are frequently used for water supply applications, also applicable for gas pipe lines, heating system and irrigation.

How to select CW617N brass ball valves

CW617N brass ball valves classify from working pressure, bore sizes, sizes. CW617N brass ball valve N10111104 is PN40 rated and full bore size design, can stand for high pressure and with high flow rate. It provides safe and efficient flow solution to your applications.
How CW617N brass ball valves produced                                                               
The production processes of CW617N brass ball valve N10111104:
1. Product design   
2. Mold making   
3. Valve casting and forging   
     (1) Sand foundry casting: The earliest production mode in the CW617N brass ball valve field. Because the casting method does not have enough pressure, the valves produced by this process are prone to blisters and cause product leakage to induce a series of problems.  
    (2) Hot forging: The valve body formed by forging will not have trachoma, and the appearance will be more exquisite.   
4. Sand throwing treatment   
5. Metalworking   
6. Accessory assembly   
7. Product pressure test   
8. Packing and delivery
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