The Ningbo Port Epidemic Affects Brass Ball Valve Export in China

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Since the discovery of confirmed cases of the new corona virus in Beilun District of Ningbo on January 1, as of yesterday, Zhejiang has reported a total of 23 confirmed cases of local infection, all in Beilun District of Ningbo City. The source of the virus is unclear. All brass ball valve manufacturers and suppliers are affected to export goods from Ningbo Port.
According to the latest information, the number of trucks with whitelists/passes is still very small. The LCL warehouse in Beilun is not able to enter the warehouse normally, and most of the full container trailers are temporarily unable to proceed smoothly. We need to wait for the situation to become more clear, and the impact of this epidemic may be worse than expected.

This epidemic has a relatively large impact on the truck industry, and trucks cannot be shipped normally, and the entire Zhejiang brass ball valve trade, freight forwarding, and shipping have a relatively large impact.

Although Ningbo Zhoushan Port has opened special green channels for two-way container vehicles entering and exiting the port from the four expressways of Beilun, Chaiqiao, Guoju, and Chuanshan from the four expressways of Beilun, Chaiqiao, Guoju, and Chuanshan to each container terminal since 16:00 on January 1st, it will issue cards to eligible trucks.

However, the latest data released by the Ningbo government through the "Ningbo Release" shows that as the core port area of ​​Ningbo Zhoushan Port, Beilun District has more than 20,000 trucks, but as of January 2, only more than 3,000 trucks have been issued, accounting for the total number. Less than 20%.

Even though the amount of special passes issued by Beilun trucks has increased significantly, according to relevant regulations, the "Special Pass for Container Trucks in and Out of Beilun Area" issued by the current port is only used for point-to-point linear transportation between the major ports of Beilun and the expressway, and cannot be used in other areas. For transportation business, such as empty boxes to social storage yards, etc., if there is a violation, the certificate will be confiscated and the corresponding epidemic prevention responsibility will be assumed.

In addition to strict route regulations when using the port pass, under the epidemic, including other areas in Ningbo, Zhejiang and all over the country, people from epidemic risk areas have begun to set epidemic prevention and control requirements. If the Beilun District truck driver's itinerary code After taking the star, going to the factory in other regions is blocked!

Because according to most regional regulations, the itinerary code with stars will be controlled by "14+7" according to Beilun travel history personnel.

And if brass ball valve truck drivers in other regions transport containers via Beilun, they are stuck on the "special pass" on the one hand, and on the other hand they are also worried about encountering "access or exit" and the itinerary code with stars. Faced with the upcoming Spring Festival, the drivers risk the The willingness to transport containers at risk of being quarantined for 14 days will drop to the freezing point.

At the same time, Ningbo Meishan, Phase IV and other terminals have also begun emergency investigation and response!

Countermeasures of Ningbo Port

In terms of epidemic prevention and control: The port has comprehensively upgraded the epidemic prevention level to block the chain of epidemic transmission.

1. to resolutely defend the maritime input line of defense. In each port area, management grids are divided into two dimensions: space area and personnel category, and each grid operates independently to form a "water barrier" effect, which further improves the efficiency and precision of epidemic prevention and control in the port area.

2. to ensure that the land-based epidemic does not spread to the port area. Closed management is implemented in the port area. During the emergency response period of the epidemic, all port operators are centrally managed in the port area and do not circulate with the outside world. Nucleic acid testing is performed for all employees at the first time, and the frequency of nucleic acid testing for all employees is maintained every two days.

3. to ensure the hard isolation of truck transportation. Carry out two nucleic acid tests in three days, issue special passes for qualified truck drivers, and require truck drivers to enter and exit the port area without getting off the truck or bringing people;

When brass ball valve container leaves the expressway to the port area, it must follow the route delineated by the public security department. After entering the port area, drive along the designated route without getting off the bus. Leave the port area immediately after the operation is completed to ensure the independent operation of the truck transportation.

Port Operations

In terms of port operations: coordinate and coordinate the resources of each port area to ensure the smooth flow of the logistics chain: 

1. to coordinate on-site operations personnel.
2. to coordinate the resources of the ports in each port area.
3. to coordinate the multi-modal transportation resources of the whole province.

The sea-rail combined transportation guarantee plan was launched to improve the railway transportation capacity. The whole port is operated in accordance with the 6000 TEU/Tianhai railway operation capacity, which is an increase of more than 45% over the usual year, to ensure the smooth and powerful transfer of roads to railways.

As the second largest container port in China and the third largest container port in the world, the epidemic in Beilun, the core area of ​​Ningbo Port, will be another major test for Ningbo Port itself, global port shipping and global supply chain.

It is hoped that this series of measures can take effect as soon as possible, and realize "closing the area without sealing the port" and alleviate the shipping pressure of Chinese brass valve manufacturers.
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