Brass Water Ball Valve

Full Bore Brass Ball Valve

Full Bore Brass Ball Valve
Full Bore Brass Ball Valve
Full Bore Brass Ball Valve
Full Bore Brass Ball Valve



Full bore brass ball valve N10111108 is full bore designed brass ball valve which has high flow rate and low flow resistance. The full-bore ball valve has an equal-width flow channel, and its size cannot be smaller than the value specified in the standard, which is roughly equivalent to the nominal diameter of this specification. For example, the flow channel diameter of a DN50 full-bore ball valve is about 50mm.


• Sizes: 1/2" to 2" (DN15 to DN50)
• Working pressure: PN40  / 600WOG
• Working temperature: -10 to 120℃
• Full bore design
• Sandblasted and nickel-plated valve body
• Chromed steel handle with PVC sleeve
• BSP or NPT Threads available
• Customized production acceptable
• Materials: CW617N, HPb57-3, C37700, DZR


• 100% leakage test for each valve
• Anti-blow-out stem design
• Suitable for a full range of liquids and gas 
• Fast 1/4 turn opening and closing operation
• Comply with EN13828 brass ball valve standard
• Flow can go either direction
Parts Material
Body Brass
Ball Chrome-plated brass
Stem Brass
Seats PTFE
Gaskets PTFE
Handle Plated Steel
Handle Cover PVC

What is full bore ball valve

Sometimes called “full port,” a full port ball valve is a special valve design that allows for unrestricted flow when the valve is opened. Full port valves have larger bodies than standard valves. This larger body houses a larger ball and a larger opening inside.
Reference Video:  How Ball Valves Work (Source: Youtube)
Applications of full bore ball valve                                                                                
The full bore ball valve is generally used for conveying viscous and slagging prone medium pipelines. Because of its small fluid resistance, it can be said that there is basically no flow resistance, and it is convenient for the regular paraffin scraper and blower to pass through.

How to select full bore ball valve

Different functions and applications require different valves, for example,  water ball valves, gas ball valves, sanitary ball valves, mini brass ball valves, PEX brass ball valves, tail brass ball valves.

Gas or similar physical properties should be used on medium piped water reduced diameter valve, full bore because of the weight ratio of about 30% lighter ball will help reduce pipeline load, reducing costs, but require regular pigging The pipeline, no matter what kind of media delivery, must use full bore ball valve.
Chemical compositions we use for full bore ball valve                                            
Surface treatments of full bore ball valve                                                                    
Surface treatments provide good protection to full bore ball valves:
Rough color is brass valve body sandblasted and without plating.
Electroplating (nickel-plating and chrome-plating) can enhance the corrosion resistance of full bore ball valves, increase hardness, prevent abrasion, improve conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance.
How we produce full bore ball valves                                                                             
1. Brass raw materials are bought from local suppliers in forms of brass bars.
2. Brass bars are cut into smaller pieces with different sizes according to order requirements, heated with natural gas.
3. The heated brass bars are forged by forging machines, Out-comings are semi-finished rough full bore ball valve bodies.
4. The rough full bore ball valve bodies are trimmed and cut off unnecessary parts.
5. The rough full bore ball valve bodies are washed with sanding machines, to clean the dirty and oils during production.
6. The rough brass ball bodies are machined by CNC machinery for threads and dimensions.
7. The machined full bore ball valve bodies are nickel- or chrome-plated.
8. The brass valves are ready for delivery after final finished goods quality inspection.
Reference Video: How to assemble a Leader Brass Ball Valve (Source: Youtube)
How we pack full bore ball valves                                                                                   
Full bore ball valve packing is very important for safe transport and brand appearance.
We pack full bore ball valves in small inner boxes, then put them into outer cartons, finally load them in wooden pallets.
It will protect the goods well and can avoid damages and wetness.
We also pack as per customers' OEM designs.
How we test full bore ball valves                                                                            
Our test laboratory equips with various devices for brass valve quality inspection and control, as well as new product development.
Equipment includes material spectrometer analyzer, flow rate tester, torque tester, body resistance tester, endurance tester, high-low temperature tester.
This equipment enables us to analyze brass valve material compositions and type tests according to related standards, ensure our brass valves are correctly designed and produced.
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